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Tandem Skydiving & Para-Trike Option


*** Do Both in 1 Day ***



Tandem skydiving & Para-Trike is the best way to get an introduction to the 2 Sports,
WITHOUT first having to do a Skydiving & Para-Trike course....


Ideal For:-
*Corporate Groups
*Club Groups
For once you have tasted flight,
You will walk the earth,
With your eyes turned skyward;
For there you have been,
And there you long to return.

-Leonardo da Vinci
What To Wear:
Dress casual, Hiking Takkies or Boots.
What To Bring:
Warm Clothing in case it gets cold, Sun-protection, Drinks and a Camera.


The Day's Program

Meet Gerry, our Jumpmaster at Cato Ridge at a time in the morning convenient and arranged for yourselves.

After a 20 minute briefing on the ground, you will accompany a qualified Skydiving Tandem Master (who has a minimum of 1000 jumps!) to approximately 10 000 feet above ground, and using equipment designed to carry you both, exit the aircraft and experience about 35 seconds of free-fall before the Tandem Master (TM) deploys the canopy, after which you glide down for approximately 5 minutes.

You can then assist in flying and landing the canopy,  or leave it all to him and just enjoy the ride.
To record the experience, A camera-man "becomes your shadow" and videos the whole skydiving 
experience from the time you have your briefing, in the aircraft, as well as your freefall and landing.

Then it's time for the Tandem Para-trike flight.  This incredible mini-aircraft is at the bottom of the aviation food-chain, but do not under-estimate the fun of flying in it!  Experience the excitement of its maneuverability and the thrill of its ability to fly low level over ground or drop low onto the Dusi river and fly hi-speed, just centimeters above its surface.  Using a normal Paraglider wing, it can also thermal with the eagles like a Paraglider.   This experience is not to be missed!

Price: R 1,650.00
Price: R 2,050.00 (Includes Skydive DVD)



Directions to Cato Ridge Airfield

Travelling from Durban / Hillcrest:

 On the N3 Freeway take  Inchanga / Hammersdale turnoff.
 Turn left, drive approximately 6.8km
 Take Nagle Dam / Abattoir turn-off
 Follow the road for 2.6km
 Cato Ridge Airfield on the left

Travelling from PMB / JHB

 On the N3 Freeway take Cato Ridge / Inchanga turnoff.
 Turn left, drive approximately 4.0km
 Take Nagle Dam / Abattoir turn-off
 Follow the road for 2.6km
 Cato Ridge Airfield on the left